On the Road

My dear friend E from LA decided it was time to settle down and buy a house. So he did. In Asheville, NC. It’s a little further than the Valley, but he’s worth the trip.

Upon arriving at Asheville’s cute little airport, he swept me through town to his new (old) home. There are sidewalks everywhere here and people and families and dogs walking on them. There are birds chirping and crickets humming. I haven’t heard a siren, a car crash, or a homeless man screaming into the night sky.  Stars!  I’m in heaven.

While I’m here, I intend to take advantage of the local fare and scope out the vineyards I saw flying in.  And make pies.  I packed two things my my kitchen I didn’t think I could live without: my Cuisinart immersion blender stick/whisk and the Tartine cookbook. Also,  a new pie dish as a housewarming gift for E.

Dinner out last night was an experience.  My waiter told me what I had ordered was so good “I’d dig up my grandmother and slap her!” and said it earnestly.  I’m not in Kansas, errrrr, LA anymore.  Stay tuned.

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