Out on the town

I feel like the day just stretches longer here. In a good way, of course.

I woke up early (530a LA time) and got some writing done, planned a menu and made breakfast for us. We spent the better part of the day taking care of little errands for the house. E is still getting settled in, so every day we’re making headway on unpacking, hanging art, and sussing out what needs to be gotten.  Moving stinks if for nothing else that you have to go out and buy more catsup/paper towels/salt.

We went to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called The Laughing Seed on Wall Street.  Across the street was a 60 foot high climbing wall, complete with climbers.  I was so excited for vegetables!  After the meat and potatoes with nary a green veg the night before, I was feeling a little off-kilter.  I had steamed veggies with black beans and locally made grilled tempeh.  Delish!

Wall of copper Jello molds and Cookie's portrait

Wall of copper Jello molds and Cookie's portrait

Capped off the night at Larue’s Backdoor.  Cookie, the bartender has her fabulous portrait on the wall.  E tells me she’s decided to retire from drag queening, but she still pours a mean drink and does it with flair.

The wall is covered with kitchy copper Jello molds and has several portraits of Cookie in her finest.  There’s also a shrine of lava lamps that illuminate the wall.  It’s romantic/trashy/fantastic.

E and I stayed up late rehashing the night and sitting in the peaceful NC night catching up on months of missed conversations.  Gosh, it’s so nice to take a break from LA.

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